Next Order of Business…

Well, cancer, it’s been real. Thanks for coming over for a visit but I really hope you don’t return. You got what you came for and left me with a new disposition.

Now! Onwards and upwards…slowly. Hair is back. Strength is improving weekly. Memories are still clear but I’m able to work with that. Time to go back to real life or, I guess, “normal” life. Real life was the cancer part. “Normal” life is the work part. Work. Hmmmm. Feels so weird to have gone through something so nuts and then, after only a year and a half, having to go back to trying to find work…same as before. Oof, just the thought brings up feelings of boredom. I mean, who cares??? Sorry, this isn’t making sense.

I’ve decided to focus my photography on children. Arriving in Oregon 8 years ago, I found work at a lame children’s photography studio called Kiddie Kandids (god, that name is just awful). Although the pay was bad, the commute too long, and the uniforms ridiculous, I did learn much needed skills for photography. Not in a technical sense but more in relation to making children smile and making a fool of myself in order to get the shot moms would coo over. That sort of inhibition helped me to become a more social person in general. Anyway, now that most everyone I know is getting married, getting pregnant, and having babies, I figure why not document these new little lives? Makes me so excited!

Right now my best girlfriend from college is in town. Krista is pregnant. Big surprise. In fact, I’m almost positive she’s sick of me introducing her and then immediately announcing there’s a child in her belly. But honestly, it’s only because the person I am introducing her to is also with child. They have something in common! Hanging out has been nice as we seem to be on the same energy level…me post chemo, and her post first trimester. Pregnancy pics here we come! But first, we eat.

Soon I will come up with some basics for my new endeavor…price list, website, and a name (suggestions welcome). Basically I just want to get to shooting and as soon as possible. I miss it! Using my iPhone to capture my cats being cute is getting old.

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