Hang on Scoopy

Oh. Hello.

I just got home. Sun and surf Santa Cruz style sucked me in for the past 11 days. Now I know why it’s called California dreamin’. Luckily I also got to experience something so beautiful and amazing. My boyfriend’s (Luke) brother’s (Joe) wife (Mikala) had a baby (Echo). My first nephew!

I call him Scoopy. I don’t know how that happened but it just fell out of my mouth when I saw him. And I’m going to make it stick. Scoopy and I love each other I think. I taught him to suck his thumb. Also, he only liked sucking my finger. Seeing as I am back in Portland, I am sure he’s learned to suck someone else’s finger by now.

Hanging with Echo and his family for a week was so special. He was a joy to watch all the time. Observing the way his parents transformed into…well, parents was mind boggling. It really is instinctual. Seriously pretty fascinated right now, even still, alone in my house 700 miles away. It was a great opportunity to sharpen my baby photography skills. Getting pictures of someone in their first hour of life is quite an accomplishment no matter how often it occurs.

Other family members hanging at the property…they just couldn’t resist taking advantage of the live-in photographer.

I’m looking forward to watching Echo grow up. He means a lot to me. Luke got this little pic of Echo and I together.

Oh and I have hair now for real like.

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2 thoughts on “Hang on Scoopy

  1. Grandma on said:

    Auntie Am you are awesome. So helpful with Mikala and Joe and little echo aka scoopy. Everyone enjoyed your visit it was a special time for all of us. Kim and Ray were very happy that everyone visited them for dinner and a swim. We are all looking forward to your visit in July. Echo is continuing to be soooooooo adorable.

    Much love, Esther Marie aka MomE, Grandma

  2. Echo on said:

    Auntie Am i miss you so much!Nothings really changed. I still like eating and sleeping a lot. Oh one cool thing I did, I pooped and peed all over my mommy when she was changing my diaper! Then when she cleaned me all up and put me in my car seat for a day on the town I projectile vomited all over. I guess i ate too much, I do love them boobs.
    Any way, Please come back soon, my mommy and daddy keep sticking their fingers in my mouth but their all callused and and wrinkled, I long for your pinky.
    Thanks for the pics Auntie Am Please come back soon, Better yet, Move Closer!



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