Tidbits of This

August 1st! I remember this day a year ago. Such a nervous wreck preparing for my first round of chemo the next day (which ended up being on the 4th but you can read about that in a previous entry). I had buckets and hand sanitizer and all kinds of shit in fear of throwing up. All this but also trying to enjoy what felt like the last day of my life. It was a weird day.

But today. Now that’s different. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I have nothing really on my plate for the day. I’m sure that will change but at 9am all I have to do today is exercise. And that’s a good thing (think Martha Stewart right there). Gem Studio is still my stomping ground (literally) for most things exercise. Also shooting there a bunch this year. Just photographed a class about the Alexander Technique which was interesting but also confusing. Something about relaxing the neck…which I find next to impossible. Here’s Laurie helping Robert relax his neck as he sits.

Still photographing babies among other portraits and such. It feels good. There are things I notice about the way I work as a photographer that need changing. Amazing how I can actually take a step back and observe. Actually kind of creepy a little bit. I’m criticizing myself as I am shooting like a really bad assistant by my side. I think I need a live-in model to practice on. And there goes my Criminal Minds mind considering abduction as the best plan. ANYWAY, here are some images from my first pregnancy photo shoot with Amy Ouellette and Jason Hughes, their son Oscar and dog Buster.

Looking forward to enjoying the fall as it creeps up on us. Makes for beautiful pictures with great backgrounds. Bring it on!

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