So this is new year.

There is nothing worse than sitting down to write a blog and not knowing where to start. And it’s not like I have a lot to say to the point where I need to really organize all my millions of (probably 5) thoughts. Well might as well just word vomit all over you and get it done with. 

2012 has been fine so far. I see some common themes coming up in many of my conversations. Ideas such as no expectations, mindfulness, and patience to carry us through this year really make me happy. One yoga teacher had us do a nice exercise where we chose our intention for the new year and then pretended that intention was already in full effect as we moved through our practice. I’ve tried to keep that intention in mind always as if it were old hat. 

Movement Class, Gem Studio, Portland

Patience has always been a problem (?) of mine. Before cancer I was constantly rushing to get stuff done to make room for more stuff to the point where there were no breaks (unless you call drinking at a bar all night a break). Patience and mindfulness whether it’s in my workout or in a photo shoot are key to making life better. Making things better. Literally, everything is better with patience. But you already know this. Moving on…

My holiday was mostly good and pretty much uneventful. I spent it in California with family and this guy:

Echo, Christmas 2011

Thank you and goodnight. ARE YOU KIDDING? He’s amazing and I’m sorta related to him in some distant, far off way. Who cares? He’s cute. Still photographing the kids which I totally love. It’s a workout! Really want to expand the age range of the kids. Where are all the 8 year olds in this town?

The new year is all about getting organized and getting new work! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are back in the thick of things (I say that in the nicest possible way).  


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