Well this photographic year has been more about the food and less about the babes. Which also seems to be the theme of my life. But that’s another story. So far, it’s Willamette Week dish reviews keeping me busy. And boy am I not complaining. We all know this town is jam packed full of amazing food (so much so that when I go anywhere else I’m a complete snob). My two favorites which win for good food and best light are Tortalandia off Foster and Luc Lac Kitchen downtown. Let me rephrase: Tortalandia had the best natural light and Luc Lac’s lack (yeah, that just happened) of light challenged me to make a flash look good. Which is hard. And I feel good about my accomplishment. But seriously, is every new restaurant in Portland going to be rad? I guess so. 


Carne Asada Torta, Tortalandia, Portland


Luc Lac Kitchen, Portland



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One thought on “Hungry?

  1. mary durell on said:

    great shots Am even though Lac’s lacked light!!!

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