About Me

Whether behind the lens or face to face, photographer Amaren Colosi is a people person. She began taking portraits at five years old with her mother’s old Canon, and though her aim didn’t quite match her enthusiasm (even when he graciously kneeled down to be at her level, she always managed to cut off her dad’s head), it was the beginning of an ongoing learning process that she believes is at the core of creating art.

Amaren honed her passion in high school and earned her BFA in photography from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Since moving to Portland, she has found the city’s friendly accessibility the perfect complement to her work. She loves to capture the quirky energy and creativity of the people, activities, food, and architecture here, using vibrant colors and texture to bring an image to life.

People are still Amaren’s favorite subject as the photos become an instant collaboration. Her portraits often reflect real personalities in candid moments or unexpected settings. She’s inspired by all the ways people enjoy their life in the Northwest; whether it’s fine dining in a sleek, modern restaurant, skateboarding around old warehouses, or laughing on a wild hillside surrounded by elk, she focuses on light, depth perception, and contrast in her compositions.
Amaren’s work has appeared in PDX Magazine, the Oregonian, LivePDX.com, and the Portland Art Museum member magazine, has been shown at Nemo Design, The Tribute Gallery, and various local coffee shops, and is available as stock imagery at Viewfinders NW (http://viewfindersnw.com/photographer/Amaren-Colosi). She also sells her multimedia Polaroid art at First Thursday in the Pearl and Last Thursday on Alberta.


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